The Peace Abbey Award Trophy

Bestowed Internationally by
The Peace Abbey Foundation


Awarding Advocates of Peace and Social Justice

An International Honorary Award for
Keepers of Justice and Peace

 Advocates of peace and social justice serve to inspire us to take up the cause of their noble work.  At The Peace Abbey Foundation, we honor both well known and lesser known individuals and organizations that focus on humanitarian and peace activism; we do so through the Courage of Conscience Award, an international honorary award for practitioners of nonviolence.

Throughout history, peace awards have served to focus attention on humanitarian causes and great works that otherwise go unnoticed or lack the recognition they so deserve. The increased visibility that awards provide translates into increased public interest and awareness.  And from awareness springs movements – the civil rights movement, the peace movement, the animal rights movement and the movement towards a sustainable, vegan, plant-based diet that honors our increasingly imperiled planet.  


The Peace Abbey Foundation honors individuals and organizations that have distinguished themselves through their humanitarian and peace activism as poets, educators, physicians, elected officials, musicians, clergy, journalists, actors, athletes and men and women in uniform.  Since 1988, the Courage of Conscience Award has been presented to extraordinary individuals and organizations from throughout the world.

 Recipients of the Award include:

Muhammad Ali Portrait

Muhammad Ali

A Muslim, humanitarian, anti-war activist, and former heavyweight boxing champion of the world awarded for his commitment to peacemaking and his leadership as a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa of Calcutta
(Agnes Gonxha Boyaxhiu)

A Catholic nun, humanitarian, and spiritual teacher awarded for her work with the Missionaries of Charity, serving the poorest of the poor in India and throughout the world.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks

An elder spokeswoman and activist recognized for her continual example of community service and her lifelong commitment to civil rights and nonviolent social change.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

An anti-apartheid leader and the first president of a free South Africa awarded for his courage, commitment, and extraordinary willingness to forgive and reconcile after 27 years in prison.


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