The Peace Abbey Award Trophy
Lillian Gregory

Upcoming Award Presentations


Three Courage of Conscience Awards will be bestowed on May 8th, Mothers Day at The Pacifist Memorial in Sherborn, MA.  We will have the privilege of honoring civil rights activist Lillian Gregory; Carol Coakley, committed peace and justice activist and union organizer; and Philip Murphy, whose contributions to the animal rights and vegan movement have been enormous. 



The highlight of the Award Ceremony will be the dedication of the bronze plaque honoring Dick Gregory, civil rights, anti-war and hunger strike activist and comedian on the front wall of the memorial.  It will be installed next to plaques honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., Julian BondMuhammad Ali, and Howard Zinn.  Family members will be present to dedicate the plaque and share their feelings about the extraordinary experience of “growing up Gregory”.  



In front of the memorial stone for Unknown Civilians Killed in War, a bronze Landmine plaque will be placed in the earth in honor of Princess Diana who brought world attention to the global effort to ban and remove landmines in countries throughout the world. Her untimely death in August 1997 came only a few months before the United Nations Landmine Ban Treaty — a legally binding prohibition on the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of landmines. Since then, 164 countries have become parties to the agreement, which is informally known as the Ottawa Treaty.



Matthew FoxA Family with The Peace Abbey Award

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