The Peace Abbey Award Trophy
Muhammad Ali

Recipients of the Int'l Courage of Conscience Award

The Courage of Conscience Award has been presented to deserving individuals and organizations worldwide for their various peace and humanitarian activism. On this page, we take pride in giving recognition to these extraordinary practitioners of the moral authority of nonviolence for their noble advocacies. The following are the honorees of the award from 1988 to 2022.

1. Oxfam America

An international humanitarian and hunger relief organization for its innovative self-help community programs assisting people in developing nations.

2. Ellwood Kieser

A priest and the founding producer of Paulist Productions for creating the films Romero – The Life of Archbishop Oscar Romero and Entertaining Angels – The Life of Dorothy Day.

3. Dick Scobie

A Quaker, pacifist, and executive director of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee for his work to expose human rights violations in El Salvador and to promote peace throughout Central America.

4. James R. Brockman

A priest and author for his book Romero – The Life of Archbishop Oscar Romero, Martyr of El Salvador.

5. Joachim Lally

A Paulist priest and community activist for his work within the Massachusetts Latino community.

6. Peter, Paul, and Mary

A musical trio and political activists for their commitment to peace in Central America and for supporting musically and personally the peace and social justice movement in America.

7. Peace Brigades International

Gandhian human rights organization for providing unarmed accompaniment to activists on death squad lists throughout the Third World.

8. Voice of the Voiceless of El Salvador

Humanitarian group for its efforts to protect and empower the impoverished in El Salvador.

9. Ernesto Cardenal

Jesuit priest, poet, philosopher and former Secretary of the Interior and Education in the Sandinista Government in Nicaragua for bringing the gospel into politics.

10. Howard W. Moore

Secular humanist and pacifist for his tenacious and impassioned leadership as a conscientious objector during WW I & II, Korea, Vietnam and conflicts in Central America and elsewhere in the world.

11. Finding

Human rights organization for its efforts to assist families in locating those disappeared in Guatemala.

12. Jose “Chencho” Alas

Priest, social revolutionary and aide to Monsignor Oscar Romero for bringing the social gospel to base communities in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

13. Raul Julia

Actor and humanitarian for his portrayal of Archbishop Romero in the film “Romero” and Chico Mendez in the film “Burning Seasons.”

14. The XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet (Tenzin Gyatso)

Buddhist monk, humanitarian, spiritual teacher, and exiled leader of Tibet for his example of compassion and forgiveness following the massacre of his people and culture by the occupying army of China.

15. Mother Teresa of Calcutta (Agnes Gonxha Boyaxhiu)

Catholic nun, humanitarian and spiritual teacher for her work with the Missionaries of Charity serving the poorest of the poor in India and throughout the world.

16. Sissela Bok

Scholar, educator and author for her contributions to peacemaking strategies in the tradition of her mother, Alva Myrdal.

17. Thich Nhat Hanh

Exiled Vietnamese Buddhist monk, humanitarian, author, ethical vegetarian, and spiritual teacher for his example of compassion and forgiveness following the destructive war in Vietnam.

18. Zell Draz

Philanthropist and social activist for her supportive and creative involvement in the Quaker-based Alternatives to Violence program in prisons.

19. Daniel Berrigan

Jesuit priest, poet, philosopher, author and anti-war activist for his moral leadership in the pacifist movement for peace, justice, and social change.

20. Richie Havens

Singer, environmentalist, and political activist for his musical contribution to the peace movement and for being a friend to those who struggle against injustice, exploitation, and neglect.

21. Frank Cordaro

Pacifist and Catholic Worker activist for his witness and commitment to the disarmament movement and his efforts to bring the Catholic Church into alignment with its highest calling.

22. Camelia Sadat

Muslim, educator, and activist for carrying on the peacemaking legacy of her soldier-turned-peacemaker father, Anwar Sadat.

23. Ram Dass

Teacher, author, and spiritual guide for teaching us to be here now and that compassion is the true source of service.

24. Paul Winter

Composer, musician, environmentalist, and pacifist for creating music that celebrates the sacredness of life and for his support of the arts.

25. Jim and Kathleen McGinnis

Catholic educators, pacifists, authors, and co-founders of the Institute for Peace and Justice for their extraordinary commitment to teaching and spreading peace.

26. Michal Schwartz

Israeli Jew, human rights activist and journalist for her work to promote peace and social justice and a homeland for Palestinians.

27. Weston Priory Monks

Congregation of Benedictine monks for their active involvement in the sanctuary movement for Guatemalans and Salvadorans in exile.

28. Benjamin Spock

Pediatrician, ethical vegetarian, socialist, and author for his lifelong commitment to disarmament and peaceable child-rearing.

29. Helen Caldicott

Pacifist, physician, author, and founder of the Women for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND) for her dynamic leadership in the worldwide disarmament movement.

30. Dave Dellinger

Anti-war activist, socialist, and author for his lifelong commitment to pacifist values and for serving as a spokesperson for the peace movement.

31. S. Brian Willson

Vietnam veteran, anti-war activist, and author for his extraordinary personal sacrifices to demonstrate opposition to militarism and U.S. involvement in Latin America.

32. Curtis and Lisa Sliwa

Social change and inner-city activists for their work to establish the Guardian Angels in major cities on every continent in the world.

33. Rosa Parks

Elder spokeswoman and activist for her continual example of community service and for her lifelong commitment to civil rights and non-violent social change.

34. Betsy Corner and Randy Kehler

Pacifists, anti-war activists, and example-setting parents for their sacrifices and leadership in the war tax resistance movement.

35. Arun and Sunanda Gandhi

Teachers, authors, pacifists, and co-founders of the M. K. Gandhi Institute for Non-Violence in Memphis, Tennessee for bringing the legacy of Gandhi to America.

36. Gordon Zahn

Scholar, teacher, and Catholic pacifist for his lifelong commitment to the ideals of non-violence and conscientious objection and for his work with the Second Vatican Council to make the Catholic Church a church of peace.

37. Ed McCurdy

Singer, songwriter, and television actor for his anti-war classic “Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream,” which inspired and gave hope to those in the peace movement.

38. Ramsey Clark

Former Attorney General and peace and social justice activist for his commitment to civil rights, his opposition to war and military spending, and his dedication to providing legal representation to the peace movement, particularly, his efforts to free Leonard Peltier.

39. Arlo Guthrie

Singer, song-writer, and political activist for his life and his music that carry on the legacy of his minstrel father, Woody Guthrie. Presented at Harvard University September 26, 1992.

40. Louise Carcione

Social worker and political activist for her dedicated leadership in community development in the city of Boston.

41. Elias and Heyem Jabbour

Peace activists and co-founders of The House of Hope International Peace Center in Israel for their work to bring Muslims, Jews, and Christians together in the struggle against voices of extremism and blind hatred throughout the region.

42. Barry Crimmins

Pacifist, ethical vegetarian, political satirist, and child welfare activist for his work to expose situations that exploit people in the developing world and children here in America.

43. Maya Angelou

Humanitarian, philosopher, poet, and author for her soaring inspiration to live life with intensity, integrity, and intelligence.

44. Muhammad Ali

Muslim, humanitarian, anti-war activist, and former Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World for his commitment to peacemaking and his leadership as a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War.

45. Rigoberta Menchu

Mayan leader and author for her personal sacrifices and unrelenting commitment to expose human rights violations against indigenous people in Guatemala and throughout Latin America.

46. Ingrid Newkirk and Alex Pacheco

Animal rights activists, vegans, and co-founders of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals for their pioneering work to expose cruelty to animals and to promote vegetarianism.

47. Lawrence Martin Jenco

Catholic priest, author, and teacher for his capacity to forgive his captors having been held hostage for 19 months and tortured by religious extremists in Beruit.

48. Michael Klaper

Philosopher, humanitarian, and environmentalist for the clarity and passion of his witness as a vegan physician and surgeon.

49. Ron Della Chiesa

Classical and jazz scholar for being a steward of intergenerational music that binds society and elevates cultural integrity.

50. Harry Wu

Human rights activist and author for his extraordinary sacrifices and commitment to exposing human rights violations in his motherland China.